Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My conversation with the Jaberwacky (automated conversation)

Know any good jokes?

Si, pero no me gusta.

Pues azlo aunque sea 1 vez.

Que? No entiendo.

Yes entiendo.



Eres stupido.

No soy un chico.

Cuantos anos.


Eres stupido.

No soy un chico.

Cuantos anos.


Do you not speak spanish?


Oh now I understand why you make no sense.

What do you understand?

Why you didnt make sense earlier...

Yes I did.

Sorry but you definetly didnt

Sorry, but I am right.

Okay whatever.

Whatever yourself, minion!

Your rude!

Wengardium Leviosa!

I don't like harry potter!

Why don't you like Harry Potter? Do you find Daniel Radcliffe disgusting, too?

Not disgusting. Just annoying.

I'm sorry but I have a question.


I don't understand you.

Whatever y.

You don't like me.

Thats true! Bye.

Give me a sign.
       Alan Turing thought up the Turning Test that would suggest a test that would measure machines ability in intelligence. This could be measured by doing humans vs. machine conversation test. If the judge of their answers couldn’t tell the difference the machine would have passed the test. The question and answer would only be text based to be fair for the machine. A judge could tell the machine from the human because humans are more prone to delay in answers and misspellings etc. The machine would need to create all human behavior not just intelligence. I think if it was a simple Turning Test than the Jabber wacky might be able to pass but I guess I sort of pushed its intelligence by starting off in Spanish but it honestly didn’t make sense at some points like when I asked it if it spoke Spanish and it obviously didn’t know Spanish very well because it made no sense. It was pretty rude which most humans wouldn’t be rude off the bat since we are taught to be kind to strangers. It did misspell the Spanish which sort of is characteristically human and it did mention popular media; Harry Potter which would help it pass a Turning Test.  The worst of its attempt to act human was its final question to me once I had already said bye.
      I believe we have a great deal of time left before artificial intelligence can reach the full capabilities of humans. Just because all humans are unique and can hundred of stored memories and ideas and understanding of how things work and appear. However I do think in the future it can be possible just by the idea of a computers being able to compute ideas faster  than intelligent humans already. I don’t know if an ultimate artificial intelligence will ever be created because I believe that we still haven’t found that “x” thing that created us and made us superior to other inhabitants mentally on this planet and once we do we may understand how to duplicate it or something along those lines but that is very difficult to say. I think the idea of strong AI is actually freighting and isnt something I look forward to not because I think they would take over and try to control us but that their human creator might. I don’t think a perfect AI would want to be evil but more towards trying to create a utopia but the human that creates them might use them for human control and bad intentions. If a machine in the future was created that could think, feel, and create I suppose it could never be put on the same pedestal as humans because it was artificially made and not authentic but just like we shouldn’t be prejudice towards different races and implying it could feel I honestly believe we shouldn’t treat it any less that another human although that would be virtually impossible since humans will always believe they were better than something that was made out of metal. I do think they we should pre program them possibly to be designed to answer to their creator and understand that humans were here first. Therefore since we created them they should answer to us like a child to a mother. The advances we could make with artificial intelligence would be incredible and we could learn and uncover things we just don’t have the man power to do today.

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