Friday, December 26, 2008


Closer - Stacy Clark

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008


GOOD NEWS: I just read in Hapers Bazaar that Tim Burton is going to recreate Alice in Wonderland in 3D! && that Lindsay Lohan is dying to be in it.

BAD NEWS: Its not scheduled to come out unitl 2010. I really hope he doesnt mess this up.

Dont you think Johnny Depp would be great as the madhatter?
I dont know about Lindsay yet but I would rather it be someone we know than a new actor.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


the harry potter final book will be 2 movies. they are definitely prolonging the end.

Monday, March 10, 2008


something about him just makes me want to be mrs. affleck.

Sunday, March 9, 2008



Am I Right or Am I Right?

amazing. am i right or am i right really turned out to be a big hit for me. you should totally read it. even though it may be a little too young reader for me i really looved it.
was i destined to dream of a life i could never have?
ha-dream on.
p.s. really take today by the horns.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Urban Outfitters

Serious Problems



finally home and super depressed.
this is the story:
first off i get home, i am pretty happy because its not really sunny outside but its kind of that breezy weather that you get in portland where everything is very fresh and clear. but i get home and the door is locked. now that is wierd because in my family we are very accustomned to leaving the door open. i dont know why but we arent the locking type of family. now i am like the only person in my family that has no keys. so i try all the windows and for some wierd reason they are all locked. finally i have to jump the fence where my dog is and this is really depressing because i hate my dog (he is the jump all over you and slober sort of dog) and he is barking and i am trying not to cut my skin on the sharp edges of the wooden fence plus i am only like 5'1(basically i was not born to jump fences). finally i get in and i try to open our sliding door and its totally locked too. so i sit there feeling i am about to cry because i just want to get in my house and i have really bad cramps. finally i take a hard metal thing and hit my sliding door really hard and my door pops open. thats really gay. i get in and i call my mom because we were suppose to go shopping and shes with my sister (younger & naive) shopping. seriously where is a friend when you need one.
did i mention the lights in my bathroom were on all day (i get depressed at the thought of wasting electricity).

i think gods giving me a sign "move out of your parents home". or maybe "get a key".


doesnt look like i will be going anywhere until 5pm. just so you know. since i know you know nothing about my life except the most secretive secrets that i revieled in my "about me" section i will tell you something more interesting about my life. i cover for my sister at a gym in the less attractive side of portland called olympus gym and if no ones here at 4:30pm i can leave before we close which is suppose to be a 5pm but unfortunately for me there are 1...2....3...4...5...6...7 people here. not that i dont thoroughly enjoy being bored, cold, and aching (its that time) i really cant miss any sign of sun today in portland.

plus you know when those pictures on the internet dont show up and they show an little box with a red square, green circle and blue triangle show up kind of impersonating a picasso painting..? thats all over my internet, depressing because i cant go window shopping on the internet.. hey thats kind of funny.


i know that everyone wants to be a writer, i remember for a week when i was in 6th grade i was obsessed with being a really good writer (i am talking like publishing a memoir writer not hamlet or something), so i looked for a story i could copy and put in our junior high schools yearly book of short stories, i finally found one that i could semi-memorize and i wrote it again in class and gave it to the teacher to look at. now only a few of the stories the kids wrote got published in the book like 20 out of 500 kids so it was kinda a big deal to get your story in and i remember my teacher reading it and telling me it would get in for sure. i was really happy but sort of depressed in the inside knowing it was my story, especially when everyone told me how good it was.

its depressing for me now because i really do want to become a writer someday even though art is really true calling i would love to write a memoir about my life. not to be conceited or anything but i have some pretty interesting stories. i mean i am like one of those people that really talks to myself in my head and says funny things. i wasn't always like that but in 3rd grade after i had read way to many books for my i age i started doing it and it started to become an unbreakable habit.

i am really sad though because high school has taught me how to skim and skimming books sucks because you don't really get the passion of what the writer is really trying to say when you skip every other word. that's why i was cursed and now have to read out loud if i want to really get everything out of a book.


this week my mom told me about this aveda school where they cut, color, etc. hair for really cheap. i am very tempted to get highlights in my hair even though that was so 2000, right? anyway i am thinking gray or dark reddish color. i have never died my hair and i am particularly scared of this "frying your head idea"... any advice?

Friday, March 7, 2008


welcome.unfortunately this is a first at the ripe age of 18 years i will start blogging. i have been meaning to start as i have been obsessed with every blog i can find for the past 2 weeks.