Saturday, March 8, 2008


finally home and super depressed.
this is the story:
first off i get home, i am pretty happy because its not really sunny outside but its kind of that breezy weather that you get in portland where everything is very fresh and clear. but i get home and the door is locked. now that is wierd because in my family we are very accustomned to leaving the door open. i dont know why but we arent the locking type of family. now i am like the only person in my family that has no keys. so i try all the windows and for some wierd reason they are all locked. finally i have to jump the fence where my dog is and this is really depressing because i hate my dog (he is the jump all over you and slober sort of dog) and he is barking and i am trying not to cut my skin on the sharp edges of the wooden fence plus i am only like 5'1(basically i was not born to jump fences). finally i get in and i try to open our sliding door and its totally locked too. so i sit there feeling i am about to cry because i just want to get in my house and i have really bad cramps. finally i take a hard metal thing and hit my sliding door really hard and my door pops open. thats really gay. i get in and i call my mom because we were suppose to go shopping and shes with my sister (younger & naive) shopping. seriously where is a friend when you need one.
did i mention the lights in my bathroom were on all day (i get depressed at the thought of wasting electricity).

i think gods giving me a sign "move out of your parents home". or maybe "get a key".

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