Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contemporary Artist Leah Tinari

I have worked days researching Leah Tinari, she captivated me with her lines and use of color. I have found that she has an unusual optimisim about the characters her in her work which I feel is really really suprising. However considering they are her friends and family, can you blame her? From what I researched she has not done art for years. She recently opened a resturant named FATTA CUCKOO, I hope that she finds a herself being re inspired to do art that is more relevant to todays popular culture. I would love to see it! Here is a extremely comprehensive compliation of her work, seriously took me hrs to find!

my favorite of her work, she just captures character

portrait by friend

 in studio notice the champagne

Leahs inspiration Eric Fischl

 interview by mixed greens
 Leahs inspiration: Lucian Freud
 Leahs inspiration: Max Beckmann

Comparable to Toulouse Latrec

Inspired by Alice Neel

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Rich Girls. said...

gosh, i miss studying arty subjects.
$10 at kohl's. are you kidding?? i would have snapped those up. and i get what you mean about the white on white thing. i absolutely love it - it's one of my fave looks. x.